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ELIZABETHTOWN, Kentucky — Country star Luke Bryan was a bit stiff as he stepped on board his tour bus in the middle of a soybean field in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. His right arm hung limp in a sling, a casualty of breaking his collarbone during a bicycle accident the day before during his pre…

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Garrett Aves, county executive director of the Reno County Farm Service Agency, reminded foreign investors who buy, sell of hold a direct or indirect interest in agricultural lands in the United States that they are required under the Agricultural Foreign Investment Disclosure Act to report …

The Kansas economy relies on water and for more than a generation, experts have warned that western Kansas' economic resource is vanishing. With Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback putting a focus on the state's dwindling water supply, we continue to delve into the issues surrounding the declining Ogallala Aquifer and how it affects Kansas.
Dead Towns

Kansas has more than 6,000 dead towns. Here are a few of them I traveled to as a Hutchinson News journalist.