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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Bill MacFarlane has been anxious since a case of a deadly bird flu strain was recently confirmed in domestic poultry just 50 miles from his southern Wisconsin farm, the largest pheasant operation in North America that supplies 1.8 million birds each year to the game bird …

The rumbling underneath Harper County, once a rare occurrence, is becoming a frequent experience. Kansas has had more than 120 earthquakes in 2014. A majority of tremors have occurred in Harper County. From Saturday through Tuesday, The News will explore Harper County’s quakes and how scientists are now suspecting that pumping fluids into deep underground wells used to dispose of wastewater can trigger an earthquake.
The Kansas economy relies on water and for more than a generation, experts have warned that western Kansas' economic resource is vanishing. With Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback putting a focus on the state's dwindling water supply, The Hutchinson News and the Salina Journal are delving into the issues surrounding the declining Ogallala Aquifer and how it affects Kansas. Our series will run through July 27.

At least one state official finally has dismissed the crazy notion of building a 360-mile aqueduct uphill to carry water from the Missouri River to water-thirsty western Kansas.

Dead Towns

Kansas has more than 6,000 dead towns. Here are a few of them I traveled to as a Hutchinson News journalist.