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MANHATTAN – The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Kansas Farm Service Agency (FSA) Executive Director, Adrian J. Polansky, announced that the deadline to submit ballots for the 2016 County Committee Elections has been extended to ensure farmers and ranchers have sufficient time to vote. …

  • By RYAN CROSSINGHAM, Farm & Ranch Guide
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Whether it's been the numerous law enforcement officers sweeping protesters out of an area, equipment and bridges set ablaze, or the tension-filled altercations between activists and law enforcement, the untold story has been the effect of the protests on all the local farmers and ranchers who are attempting to continue operating under the fragile circumstances of the Dakota Access pipeline protests.

The Kansas economy relies on water and for more than a generation, experts have warned that western Kansas' economic resource is vanishing. With Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback putting a focus on the state's dwindling water supply, we continue to delve into the issues surrounding the declining Ogallala Aquifer and how it affects Kansas.
Dead Towns

Kansas has more than 6,000 dead towns. Here are a few of them I traveled to as a Hutchinson News journalist.