The rumbling underneath Harper County, once a rare occurrence, is becoming a frequent experience. Kansas has had more than 120 earthquakes in 2014. A majority of tremors have occurred in Harper County. From Saturday through Tuesday, The News will explore Harper County’s quakes and how scientists are now suspecting that pumping fluids into deep underground wells used to dispose of wastewater can trigger an earthquake.

Drilling for answers

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OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — In Oklahoma, now the country's earthquake capital, people are talking nervously about the big one as man-made quakes get stronger, more frequent and closer to major population centers. Next door in Kansas, they're feeling on firmer ground though no one is ready yet to de…

Fracking Wastewater
  • By John Green The Hutchinson News
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The Kansas chapter of the Sierra Club plans to seek legislation in the next few weeks seeking a moratorium on saltwater injection from hydraulic fracturing in south central Kansas in response to earthquakes.

  • By CANDICE CHOI AP Food Industry Writer
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NEW YORK - A proposal to curtail the nation's food stamp program would pinch families struggling to pay for groceries and ripple through other areas of the economy, including supermarkets and discounters, as people shuffle their budgets.

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  • By Candace Krebs Special to The News
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Creating a fire response and recovery plan is the focus of a two-day meeting scheduled Tuesday and Wednesday in Ashland as the region continues to regroup after a massive spring wildfire.

TOPEKA - The Kansas Rural Center invites women farmers or want-to-be-farmers, women landowners, and women interested in sustainable farming, food production and local food initiatives to attend a Women in Farming Workshop on Saturday, June 10, 2017. This all-day, women-only workshop and farm…