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Kansas Agland - Newsletter
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Friday, May 26th, 2017

Kansas Agland News - Weekly Top Stories

A question of contest ethics: Washington, Kansas, girl fights to keep her grand champion market lamb title amid allegations by the Kansas State Fair

You’ve heard of inflated egos - but this is a story of an allegedly inflated ewe. Read more

Water researcher, Aguilar, has appreciation for water conservation

Water efficiency is a subject on which Jonathan Aguilar is literally an expert. Read more

Wheat crop compromised by extreme viral outbreak

The wheat crop weathered a deadly frost and record-breaking snowstorm, but farmers and agricultural specialists are reporting an outbreak of wheat streak mosaic virus that is pushing the limits of precedent. Read more

While every calamity it seems has hit the Kansas wheat crop, it's still sitting on its eighth life

There’s an old saying that wheat has nine lives. Read more

Hemp bill moves to Senate agriculture committee

A bill that would enable farmers to eventually obtain a license to plant industrial hemp has moved to the Senate Agriculture and Nat… Read more

Latest blogs

Populist Trade Talk Not Good for Ag

By Vance Ehmke

Tough populist trade talk certainly helped get Donald Trump elected. But at the end of the day, farmers have a lot more to lose than… Read more

A letter to Susan Wagle on Hemp

By Rock Gagnebin

President Wagle, Read more

More ag news

Water right charge introduced to finance schools

TOPEKA – Sen. Bud Estes, R-Dodge City, will try to ax a proposed $120 annual charge to water right owners to finance public schools. Read more

Estes takes aim at using water rights tax to finance public schools

TOPEKA – Sem. Bud Estes, R-Dodge City, will try to ax a proposed $120 annual charge to water right owners to finance public schools. Read more

Corn fields turn into lakes as spring deluge floods Midwest

Nebraska's corn fields are so flooded that farmers are posting videos of themselves wakeboarding. Read more

New Comark Equity Alliance, with location in Cheney, to be a new major player in the grain industry

As of August 1, Comark Equity Alliance, LLC will form through the consolidation of Comark Grain Marketing of Cheney, Kansas and Equi… Read more

Complex world of border trade: Cattle go north, meat south

REYNOSA, Mexico - Waving arms and brandishing a long electric prod, the ranch hands and truck drivers herd about 400 leggy calves on… Read more

Nebraska farmer goes wakeboarding in a flooded ditch on the edge of his cornfield; video goes viral

Faced with a cornfield too wet to work, Burt County farmer Quentin Connealy found a novel way this weekend to fill his spare time. Read more

Beef Cattle Institute hosts continuing education meeting for rural practitioners

MANHATTAN - The Beef Cattle Institute at Kansas State University is set to host the first of several continuing education events foc… Read more

Women in farming workshop to be held June 10

TOPEKA - The Kansas Rural Center invites women farmers or want-to-be-farmers, women landowners, and women interested in sustainable … Read more