Kansas wildfires

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US Senators Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts and US Congressman Roger Marshall praised the US Department of Agriculture's approval to allow grazing of Conservation Reserve Program lands to aid ranchers that were affected by the March 6 wildfires in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.

WASHINGTON, April 4, 2017 – The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), acting in response to a directive from President Donald J. Trump, today authorized emergency grazing on Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) lands located in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas – the three states which were most heavily impacted by ongoing wildfires which began on March 6, 2017. USDA Acting Deputy Secretary Michael L. Young issued a memorandum authorizing the emergency grazing of cattle by ranchers, who are facing the ruination of their herds due to lack of sufficient grazing land. The authorization is pursuant to appropriate restrictions and conservation measures, which can be found in the Acting Deputy Secretary’s memorandum.

TOPEKA - Twice as many have filed for a special state sales tax exemption offered after recent wildfires than filed in all of 2016 after wildfires raged in Barber and Comanche counties.

I know the feeling of watching the sky turn black, the acrid smell, seeing the smoke blanket the landscape and wondering why?

Kansas producers who suffered excessive livestock death losses and grazing or feed losses due to recent wildfires may be eligible for disaster assistance programs through the USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA). The most important thing for producers to do at this time is to record all pertinent …

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The fires were only the beginning for many farmers in Kansas, and now places like southern Lane County have been transformed into a moonscape brushed constantly by winds combed with dust, dirt and silt, generating fields of static electricity and singing the wheat crops that survived the inferno.

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USDA’s Farm Service Agency offers disaster assistance and low-interest loan programs to assist agricultural producers in their recovery efforts following wildfires or other qualifying natural disasters. Available programs and loans include: